Clarity, at a glance

TRMNL is an e-ink companion for your favorite tools.

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The content you want, without the distractions.

No buttons, no blue light, no microphones.

Stay in flow with TRMNL

We dare you to turn off all your notifications.

Make your workspace calm

Messy stacks of paper, crowded browser tabs, and endless push notifications are chaos. TRMNL is chill.

For any room in your home or office

TRMNL blends in anywhere. Pair multiple devices to keep family, friends, or colleagues in sync.

Set up in seconds

Connect your WiFi and enable your favorite products in seconds. View all plugins.

(Almost) zero maintenance

TRMNL’s rechargeable battery lasts up to 3 months. Mount it on a wall, set it on your nightstand, or put it in a hard to reach space. We got you.

Make it yours

With our open architecture, API, zero advertisements, no tracking sensors, and no subscription fees, TRMNL is hackable for everyone from developers to parents.

An e-ink antidote to notification chaos

No subscription fees

Zero apps to download or install

Rechargeable battery (lasts 3+ months on 1 charge)

Open source firmware

Growing plugin marketplace (40+ ready at launch)

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Tech Specs

Every TRMNL device is assembled and quality-tested by our team in the USA.

7.5” 1-bit EPD (e-ink) display
Premium soft-touch ABS plastic
6.75" x 4.5" x .4"
1,800mAh lithium
rechargeable (lasts up to 3 months)
TRMNL device, case opener
5.8 ounces / 165 grams

Want to get weird collaborate?

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